A History of Caring for Others

For Jessie Lewis Clark, the Parable of the Good Samaritan was more than a Sunday school story about being neighborly—it was a call to action. Already a successful partner in the local animal health and wellness firm Hess & Clark, he envisioned a community health center in Ashland where no sick person would ever be refused care.

In 1912, Clark realized his dream by founding a 27-bed facility that he named, naturally, Samaritan Hospital. Today, Samaritan Hospital has grown and become part of University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center (UHSMC).

UHSMC serves the people of Ashland county and the surrounding area. It is committed to offering the highest quality care with compassion, respect, and integrity.


Board of Directors

Paul R. Myers, Chair

Jack Vanosdall, Vice-Chair

Ronald Leddy, Treasurer

Kip Matteson, Secretary

Richard L. Beal, President

Melody Barnes

Polly Chandler

Zane Gross

Don Haag

Mike Martin, MD 

Dennis Miller

Dr. Philip Myers

Dale Thomae, DO

Bradley Bond, UH

Samaritan Hospital Foundation Staff


Paul Myers - Chairman of the Board Samaritan Hospital Foundation

Paul Myers

Chairman of the Board


Richard Beal - President Samaritan Hospital Foundation

Richard Beal



Jerry Seiter, Director Development and Wellness Samaritan Hospital Foundation

Jerry Seiter

Director of Annual Giving & Special Projects




Mona Campbell, Director Grants & Community Relations Director

Mona Campbell

Director Grants & Accounting



Tiffany Roberts             

Public Relations Manager



Anne Humrichouser
Office Manager