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    Discover the range of charities, services, and community organizations that benefit from your gift to the Samaritan Hospital Foundation.

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    Every donation given to the Samaritan Hospital Foundation stays right here in Ashland County, benefitting you, your loved ones, and your neighbors.

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    Health extends far beyond the reaches of the hospital network. The Samaritan Hospital Foundation contributes to wellness initiatives in the community to keep you out of the doctor's office and living the healthiest life possible.

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The Samaritan Hospital Foundation is committed to the continued growth and improvement of our community’s local hospital and health and wellness initiatives in Ashland County. Every dollar invested with the Foundation stays within our community.

You can impact the health and wellness of Ashland County. Partner with us to ensure critical healthcare services will be available when you and your family need them.


Discover the range of charities, services, and community organizations that benefit from gifts given through the Samaritan Hospital Foundation.


Give today, or learn more about the many ways you can help sustain quality health care in Ashland County.


When you give to the Samaritan Hospital Foundation, you can have a voice in how those funds are spent.

 Join us in advancing the story of the good Samaritan in Ashland County; give to the Samaritan Hospital Foundation.

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Ashland City Fire Department Celebrates Groundbreaking for Second Fire Station

October 2, 2020, Ashland public officials, alongside representatives from the Ashland City Fire Department, Samaritan Hospital Foundation and UH Samaritan Medical Center broke ground on the city’s second fire station. The 4.71 acres where the n


September 11 Is Now a Day of Life Saving in Ashland County

September 11, 2020, church leaders from many of the 105 congregations in Ashland County gathered at Samaritan Hospital Foundation for their monthly Ashland County Ministerial Association (ACMA) meeting. Dick Beal, Samaritan Hospital Foundation (SHF)