T.W. Miller Jr. Foundation Provides Gift of X-ray Services

June 19, 2006

T. William Miller Jr has been known for graciously supporting the Ashland community through financial gifts for many years. Samaritan Regional Health System, in fact, has benefited greatly for well over 30 years from his willingness to continually help others.

In 2000, T.W. Miller gave funds that provided for the first mammography equipment at Samaritan Hospital. Prior to the installation of this machine, the wait time to have a mammography was four months. Due to having the machine located within the Hospital, the wait time decreased almost immediately to just weeks.

Then in 2001, T.W. Miller provided additional financial support to the System for Samaritan Women's Health Services. In honor of his lifetime of giving to Samaritan, his name was placed on the facility. It became known as the T. William Samaritan Women's Health Services.

T.W. Miller passed away in 2004. However, his community work remains active. Currently, as part of the estate planning to keep his legacy alive, the T.W. Miller, Jr. Foundation has purchased x-ray equipment that will be utilized within the Ashland Medical Center at the Samaritan Professional Park.

X-ray services are now offered within Samaritan's newly dedicated T.W. Miller Health Services, located in a suite on the Second Floor of Ashland Medical Center. X-ray services are available for patients sent by doctors from within the building.

Samaritan Women's Health Services, as well as a blood draw lab station, is also housed in Samaritan's T.W. Miller Health Services suite.

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