Samaritans Annual Giving Club Meeting

Samaritans Annual Giving Club Meeting

June 30, 2010 Bev Spreng

Faithful friends of Samaritan Hospital, the Samaritans Annual Giving Club, held their annual meeting on May 12, 2010, and joined forces to help keep Samaritan Hospital strong.  Thirty members gathered at Samaritan East Main for an update about Samaritan Regional Health System.  Speakers included Danny Boggs, CEO of SRHS; Melissa Winfield, Director of Samaritan’s Birthing and Women’s Unit; and Dr. James Mooney, Hospitalist at Samaritan Hospital. 

The group was provided with a list of some of the top priority needs at SRHS.  After discussion, the members selected to purchase equipment for the Cath Lab, Cardiopulmonary Services and the Birthing and Women’s Unit.  The total Samaritans contribution towards the equipment was $9,079!  Together – the Samaritans made a difference!

The Samaritans Annual Giving Club is an exciting way to stay connected to our local health care system, to stay informed about happenings with SRHS and to work with others who care about quality health care, close to home, to keep Samaritan Hospital well equipped to provide the best care possible when care is needed.

To learn more about becoming a Samaritan, contact Samaritan Hospital Foundation, 419-207-7900 or

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