Samaritans Club Donations Matched by Samaritan Hospital Foundation to Reach $54,000!

Samaritans Club Donations Matched by Samaritan Hospital Foundation to Reach $54,000!

May 1, 2017

Members of Samaritan Hospital Foundation’s (SHF) annual giving club gathered on April 20 to vote on where their annual donations would best assist the hospital in improving patient quality of care. Included in the 52 members present were members of The Samaritans Club, The Caring Hearts, and The Heart of Giving Circle, which represent different levels of giving within The Samaritans Club.

Jerry Seiter, Director of Development and Wellness Programs for SHF, welcomed everyone and shared his positive experience with the hospital when he recently drove his 87-year-old mother to the ER, “Hats off to the staff at UH Samaritan for your wonderful care of my mom. We live in a small town and this is the kind of excellent care we get, from people who care for us.”

After hospital directors presented their department’s needs, members voted on equipment items for purchase out of the Club’s $27,000 in dues, which was matched by SHF, allowing club members to purchase numerous important equipment items, including: new IV poles for Patient Care Services, wireless fetal monitors for the Birthing and Women’s Unit, 10 state-of-the-art thermometers for the ER, an Icare rebound tonometer that quickly and accurately measures eye pressure for the ER, surveillance cameras to monitor suicide patients in ER rooms, 2 LED displays for performing arthroscopic surgery in the OR, 2 patient transport chairs for the ER, a high-performance freezer for the Laboratory, 2 vital sign machines for the Acute Medical Surgical Unit, a new up/down staircase for the Rehabilitation Unit and funds to purchase C-Diff medication for the Pharmacy for patients who cannot afford the medication to treat the highly infectious disease.

The Samaritans Club is looking to expand the Club to Loudonville. If you would like to become a member or for more information on upcoming events, such as National Healthy Kids Day on May 20 from 10am-1pm at the Ashland YMCA, with fun, healthy activities for the whole family and box lunches; the Mike Runyon 5K on May 28 and the annual SHF Golf Outing on June 16—contact Samaritan Hospital Foundation office at 419-207-7800 or by e-mail at

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