Samaritan Hospital Foundation Gives COVID-19 Community Grants totaling $100,000 to Ashland County Agencies

April 12, 2020

Richard Beal, President, Samaritan Hospital Foundation sent grant notices and checks to all EMS squads and law
enforcement agencies in Ashland County on April 10. A total of $100,000 was allocated. The grants to EMS squads
were based on squad runs and size of department. Law enforcement, including the Ashland Police Department,
Ashland County Sheriff’s Office and Ashland County police departments received grants based on department size.
Additional agencies benefiting from this gift include the Ashland County Emergency Management Agency,
Associated Charities, Loudonville Helping Hand Food Pantry, St. Edward Hunger Center, The Ashland Salvation Army
Ray & Joan Kroc Center and the Ashland County Council on Aging.

Each agency may use these monies for COVID-19 related expenses. Any remaining funds are unrestricted, meaning
they can be used for anything the receiving agency deems necessary.

“It is the Foundation’s hope that these funds will assist these agencies with the critical services they provide to
Ashland County residents during these challenging times. We understand they are putting it all on the line during
this unprecedented time,” said Mr. Beal.

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