Samaritans Club Annual Voting

August 31, 2021

Join Samaritans Club and Help Choose $54,000 of New Equipment Purchases for the Hospital!

The Samaritan Hospital Foundation (SHF) Samaritans Club is an annual giving club that was founded more than 15 years ago to support the hospital and allow the purchase of new medical equipment each year to ensure the best care possible for patients.

This year, members of Samaritans Club continued their legacy of giving as they gathered in July to vote on where the Club’s annual donations would best assist the hospital in improving patient quality of care. Included in the members present were members of the Samaritans Club, the Caring Hearts, the Heart of Giving Circle, and hospital staff, which represent different levels of giving within the Samaritans Club.

After hospital managers presented their department’s needs, members voted on equipment items for purchase out of the Club’s $27,000 in dues, which was matched by SHF.

Combined contributions totaling $54,000+ allowed club members to purchase important equipment items, including: two hot stack fluid warmers for the Operating Room, a CT patient cart for Radiology, mammography curved paddles for both the hospital and Mifflin Avenue Women’s Health, and a Gym upgrade for the Rehab Department.

The Samaritans Club offers three membership levels: Individuals for $100, Couples for $150, Businesses for $200, The Caring Heart for $500 and The Heart of Giving Circle for $1,000.

If you feel strongly about keeping quality medical care close to home for you and your loved ones, join forces with other supporters in our community through the Samaritans Club.

Contact SHF to learn more: 419-207-7900 or visit our website at

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