35th Annual SHF Charity Golf Classic

35th Annual SHF Charity Golf Classic

July 12, 2022

Teams Tee Off for a Great Cause During the 35th Annual Samaritan Hospital Foundation (SHF) Charity Golf Classic

Twenty teams came out for some friendly competition in support of a great cause during the 35th Annual Charity Golf Classic. Winning teams included:

Flight A –             1st Place: Ashland ENT, Allergy & Hearing Aid Center – Andrew Stein, Dan Denbow, Chad

Honaker, Scott Green

                                2nd Place: Barefoot Floors – Tim Baum, Kip Matteson, Zane Gross, Dave Grant


Flight B –              1st Place: Park National Bank – Scott Heimann, Jim Meyer, Bob Boss, Brian Hinkle

                                2nd Place: Shakley Mechanical – Brian Cronbaugh, Ben Ross, Ralph Rosinsky, W. Dave Brown


Dick Beal, President of SHF, and Jerry Seiter, Director of Annual Giving & Special Projects for SHF, kicked off this year’s program with a huge thank you to everyone attending and donating to the Charity Golf Classic.

As part of the event, Mona Campbell, Director of Grants and Accounting for SHF, introduced individuals from community projects and the hospital who spoke about the programs benefiting from the outing, along with matching grants from Samaritan Hospital Foundation (SHF).

Sandy Enderby, Executive Director of Ashland County Council on Aging, accepted a check for $20,000 toward the purchase of a brand new 8x8 walk-in freezer. The Ashland County Council on Aging has been serving the senior community since 1974. Their home-delivered meal program has been the most essential need they provide, serving more than 103,000 meals in the community last year alone. However, their limited refrigeration and freezer capacity kept their food storage to a minimum, resulting in more frequent deliveries and added expenses. On several occasions, canceled deliveries due to circumstances out of their control led to shortages or menu items not being delivered to clients. With the new freezer, they will be able to take advantage of bulk pricing and eliminate the need for frequent deliveries.

On behalf of UH Samaritan Medical Center (UHSMC), Sylvia Radziszewski, Chief Operating Officer of University Hospitals (UH) Samaritan Medical Center, welcomed all the sponsors and thanked them for their continued support of UHSMC.

Pam Couch, Director of Cardiopulmonary at UHSMC, received $38,000 on behalf of the hospital for a Park Flo-Lab Vascular System. This arterial doppler testing system checks the circulation in either the patient’s arms or legs. The test relies on the use of blood pressure cuffs (like the one used to take your arm blood pressure) to measure and record blood flow patterns and pressures to either the upper or lower extremities. These segmental blood pressures help in localizing arterial obstruction to flow along the limb, as well as the physiological severity of the obstruction.

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